I am excited to announce the release of a new book that sheds light on a little-known aspect of the life of Éliphas Lévi, the famous esoteric writer and clergyman. As many of you may know, Lévi was a major influence on the occult revival of the 19th century, but what you may not know is that he had passionate revolutionary leanings and a conflicted relationship with the religious establishment.

What is even more interesting is that Lévi was also a poet! The new book, which is translated by myself and published by Rose Circle Publications, brings to light a trove of “lost” poems discovered in the library of the Sorbonne. These poems cover a wide range of subjects, including religion, philosophy, mythology, history, sentiment, love, ideology, the esoteric, and revolution. They offer a rare glimpse into the soul of the man behind the influential books.

The book includes an extensive and comprehensive introduction by Mathieu G. Ravignat, a noted scholar on the esoteric life of 18th and 19th century France, who puts the poems in context. I am honoured to bring these rare poems to the English-speaking world.

In addition to the translations and explanatory preface, the book also includes the original French poems. This is not only useful for francophones but also helps those with a grip of French to appreciate the poetic techniques used by Lévi.

Lévi called Postel’s Key, “the absolute key to all occult sciences.” And this new book adds another key to our understanding of this fascinating figure. We are thrilled to see another book that translates an important esoteric work from the French occult revival. This book promises to be a fascinating read for anyone interested in the esoteric and literary history of France in the 19th century.

Available to buy here:

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