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As a teacher of Philosophy and Religious Studies in and around the North East of Scotland, Stewart holds a Masters Degree (M.A.) in Western Esotericism (University of Exeter) and a PGDE in Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies (The University of Aberdeen), as well as a B.A. (Hons) in Fine Art and Philosophy (University of Dundee). 

His research background is centred on esoteric spirituality and the practice of heterodox religious traditions with a particular interest in marginalised and persecuted religious communities, both historical and contemporary. Stewart’s work engages with Religious Studies specifically in the so-called ‘Western Esoteric Tradition’ or Hermetic Tradition in religious and philosophical thought. This blog is intended as a means by which to share his academic and ethnographic research in spiritual diversity, initiatic practices, and religious liberty, alongside his ongoing investigations in educational practice and theory. 

The blog features a selection of his photographic essays, archival research, field notes, and other assorted travel writing.

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